Hypertrophy Max


One of the most advanced programs you can buy for muscle growth is called Hypertrophy Max by Ben Pakulski and Vince Delmonte.  This program is not cheap, but it teaches you how to get the most out of virtually every training variable imaginable.  You’ll manipulate volume, tension, etc. through different phases of this program until you have reached your genetic muscular potential.  The videos that come with Hypertrophy Max are excellent: the production quality is high as well as the instructional value.  If you order it you will get the complete system–all 12 phases.  You’ll also have access to an exclusive forum where you can discuss training and nutrition with others who are going through this body transformation process.

You’ll especially like Pakulski’s approach to training.  He approaches building muscle from a “thinking man’s” perspective and looks at the scientific aspects of it.  The idea is to train smarter, not just harder.  Yes, the workouts are difficult, but there’s always a rationale behind what you are doing.

What I’m sharing here is just an overview, of course, but you can find plenty of in-depth reviews if you look around the internet.  Below is a video screenshot from someone who has looked through this material and decided to give his endorsement.  He also shares about the content you get if you choose to order this program.  You can watch this video review below: