Jen Ferruggia’s Workout for Women

Hundreds of women have seen good results with a program called Bikini Body Workouts by Jen Ferruggia. What is it that makes this workout so effective for women? It all comes down to the basics, really.

One thing that Jen emphasizes is weight training for women who want to lose weight or get the “toned” look. Women are guided through complete, total body workouts designed to build muscle and burn fat. Most of the training is composed of doing “supersets,” meaning training muscle groups in succession with little rest in between sets. A set of squats, for example, may be followed by an upper body exercise. This allows the trainee to work two muscles groups that don’t “compete” with each other. In other words, the heart rate is increased and calories are burned without one particular muscle group getting too tired.

Diet is also a major component of this program. Trainees are encouraged to increase their intake of protein and cut back on calories that are consumed in the form of carbohydrates. This is not some kind of gimmick or fad diet–it just comes down to achieving a negative calorie balance. Women will find that they can build a sexy body without depriving themselves of delicious food.

What about cardio? Well, Ferruggia discusses it in the program. It is not as important as weight training, she argues, but it can help you burn additional calories and improve your overall health and conditioning. She encourages her followers to consider doing more intensive form of cardio training (often called “HIIT”) instead of doing more traditional treadmill type training.

Anyone who wants to try this workout should be prepared because it is not easy. The training is designed to be safe and effective, but it is intense. Any program worthwhile is doing to require hard work and sweat.

You can check out this Bikini Body Workouts review video and learn more about it if you are interested.